Boundless connects students from outer-suburbs and regional schools with challenging work experience in the most hard-to-reach professions.

Expanding students' horizons.

Only 46% of students can access work experience during high school. Students from outer-suburbs and regional schools are the least likely to find work experience. For these students, work experience in some professions is entirely out-of-reach. 

In our fast changing economy, we can no longer accept that it’s okay for these students to miss out on exposure to professional careers. Youth unemployment is rising and becoming entrenched in some areas.

Year 10 is a critical time for young people in determining their future careers. By connecting students with challenging work experience, we can change their trajectories or keep their aspirations on track. 

Helping workplaces to support students from outside their usual networks. 

We know that many workplaces would like to engage students from disadvantaged public schools. Working with Boundless as an intermediary makes this possible.

We have close partnerships with classroom teachers and careers advisors at selected partner schools to identify students who will gain the most from work experience and who aspire to work in professions like yours. 

Welcoming a Boundless student for work experience is an easy way to support students’ career pathways, to champion social mobility and to demonstrate your commitment to an inclusive workplace. 

Sharing our classroom and careers expertise.

We're a small team of high school teachers and professionals. Our unique blend of skills means our program is highly effective for students and rewarding for workplaces. 

Our teaching experience gives us a deep understanding of the needs of disadvantaged students and a passion to improve their outcomes. We draw on best practice from the classroom to help workplaces plan engaging tasks for students. 

Our knowledge of the world of work means we can match students with the most valuable opportunities and provide practical training in preparation for their placements.

News and stories

Above left: Maleeka and Christian from Mill Park Secondary College during their inspiring week of work experience at PwC Melbourne. Read Christian's story in The Australian

Above top: Liana and Rojin during work experience with designers at iconic bag brand Crumpler.

Welcome a student
from outside your usual networks

We're looking for organisations to offer work experience in the next 12 months.

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Here's what our students are saying about
the impact of their work experience:

"I was actually thinking about doing easy classes next semester at school and becoming a tradie, but now I finished work experience I have a completely different thought.
I'm now thinking about doing more challenging classes and actually going to uni. Saying that scares me but I am going to try and do my best".
— Braydon, Year 10, Wanganui Park Secondary College.    
"Every time someone asks how I enjoyed work experience, I start getting excited and telling them everything I learnt (which never ceases to amaze them) whether it being with the immune system, or just how complex and amazing the workplace was". 

— Bailey, Year 10, Mill Park Secondary College.

"It’s made me be more confident in myself and knowing I can step forward in life, and be and do what I want".
— Jade, Year 10, Mooroopna Secondary College.

A simple commitment. A big impact. 
An engaging experience for your workplace.