About Boundless

Boundless Foundation Limited (ABN 99 605 324 598) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2014, when we realised how difficult it can be for some Year 10 students to find challenging work experience placements.

We want all students to have access to challenging work experience, no matter their networks or their post-code.

We help to achieve this by connecting students from outer-suburbs and regional schools with challenging work experience opportunities, especially in the most hard-to-reach professions.

The problem we're addressing

Only 46% of students can access work experience during secondary school. Students from outer-suburbs and regional schools are the least likely to find work experience. For these students, work experience in some professions is entirely out-of-reach.

Why? Finding work experience depends heavily on access to networks. Students from outer-suburbs and regional schools are less likely to find opportunities through parental or school connections. This is a consequence of both physical distance and inequality across our school system.

Yet evidence shows that work experience is one of the best drivers of students’ academic outcomes, career aspirations and self-confidence (read our summary of the research here). Work experience is especially influential for students whose aspirations aren’t consistently reinforced by family, friends and at school. 

It doesn't sit well with our assumptions about social mobility that this important opportunity is out of reach for many deserving students.

Alicia during her work experience with at the Department of Treasury and Finance, with her supervisor Simon.

Alicia during her work experience with at the Department of Treasury and Finance, with her supervisor Simon.

Our approach

Students with aspirations

We work with teachers and careers advisors at our selected partner schools to identify students who will gain the most from work experience, and who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance.

Based on students’ interests, we match them with work experience opportunities in Melbourne that will challenge and motivate them.

A simple way for workplaces to help

Our partner workplaces offer work experience, generally for a week, to one or more Boundless students. It’s a easy way for workplaces to support students’ career pathways and to champion social mobility.

Expert resources and support

We have a broad set of skills to help both students and workplaces get the most out of work experience. We prepare students for their placements with advice from the professional world, and we draw on our classroom experience to help workplaces plan engaging tasks.

Kristy during work experience at Holley Nethercote Lawyers. Kristy also part of her week with barristers at the Victorian Bar. 

Kristy during work experience at Holley Nethercote Lawyers. Kristy also part of her week with barristers at the Victorian Bar. 

Our team

Sonia Loudon is a teacher in Epping, Victoria. She assists schools in selecting and preparing students to participate in work experience. Sonia is also currently participating in the EdFellows program, which provides a platform for educators to help influence policy and ignite meaningful reform. Sonia enjoys using strategies from the classroom to help organisations prepare simple and engaging work experience tasks. 

Cameron Winnett is a charity lawyer based in Melbourne’s CBD. Cameron is always planning how to involve more students in Boundless and how to tell our story better. He works with organisations to ensure work experience is highly valuable for both them and the students. Cameron's favourite part of Boundless is coaching students on how to get the most out of their experience. 

Tim Warwick is a teacher in Shepparton, Victoria. He assists regional schools in selecting and accommodating students to participate in work experience in Melbourne. Tim is also currently leading a Koori partnership program with Shepparton schools and completing a Masters of Education. Tim enjoys the opportunity to visit students at work and hearing about what they've been learning.

Contact us

If you're an workplace, we'd love to chat with you about offering a work experience opportunity.

Please email cameron@boundless.org.au and we'll reply to you as soon as possible. 

Join our team

We are seeking to fill four roles, each focusing on improving student learning from work experience within each of the following professions: Marketing & Communications; Business Accounting & Finance; Science & Engineering; and Law.

You will coordinate with workplaces within one of these professional fields to unlock work experience opportunities for Year 10 students. In collaboration with workplaces, you will use your skills as an educator to design engaging and impactful work experience tasks for students.

You'll need to be Melbourne-based and have some capacity during business hours (e.g you work part time or have some flexibility in your hours). To learn more about these roles or to express interest, get in touch with Sonia (sonia@boundless.org.au). 

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