The design process, from idea to market, with Crumpler

The team at Crumpler welcomed Ash from Manor-Lakes P-12 College this week. Ash had the chance to explore her interests in visual art and design, and to pick up new skills in areas like photography, marketing, sales and merchandising. 

The team at Crumpler saw Ash's confidence grow significantly throughout the week. Here she is nailing her final project presentation about the new product she developed:


We first worked with Crumpler back in June 2015 when they welcomed Liana and Rojin from Mill Park Secondary College. They have maintained a relationship with the school since - including presenting to the entire Year 10 fashion class.

During this presentation, Kaine from Crumpler saw how Liana and Rojin's experience had been passed on to their classmates, changing the conversation about careers pathways. "The work you're doing is making a difference and the girls are taking it back to the schools and getting a lot out of it".