"My time at CSL gave me a deeper understanding of what biochemists do, and that inspires me to work and study harder to become one."

Australia's economy and job market is changing fast. It's increasingly important that students with an interest in science can see what their career pathway might look like. 

Bailey (Year 10, Mill Park Secondary College) had a valuable opportunity to gain these insights through work experience with the research team at CSL Limited, a leading global biotechnology company. 

Bailey provided these comments on his week with CSL:

"Being with two different experts each day who genuinely know and love their jobs taught me everything I need to know about their field, which was both interesting and fun. I really enjoyed being able to just see how each person tackles an experiment. I also did like seeing the big machines in action!

The dedication that everyone has in that building is very inspiring. I would love to do something similar to that field of work".