Rhiannon reviews Messina during her sweet week with The Thousands

Rhiannon is a Year 10 student from Wanganui Park Secondary College. As part of our June work experience round, she spent the week at The Thousands to explore her interests in writing and publishing. 

Read Rhiannon's article about the opening of Gelato Messina in Richmond, extracted below and linked here

Gelato Messina, Richmond

Rhiannon Florence

We wanted to prove to Rhiannon our work experience kid that a career in publishing is all about eating lots of sugar and leaving the office for as long as possible. So we took her to the newly opened Gelato Messina in Richmond. Here's what she thought:

Coming from a small town, the closest thing I’ve ever gotten to real gelato was the bulk manufactured stuff sold in the frozen section of supermarkets. So when I heard about a trip to a popular Melbourne gelato destination, I abandoned all thoughts of my lactose intolerance and joined in on the journey to the new Gelato Messina on Swan Street. Several trams, fare evasions and scoops later my limited gelato horizons have been expanded and I have to say, I’m impressed.

Even in the indecisive Melbourne winter weather, Gelato Messina was filled with throngs of people seeking the brain-freeze-worthy gelato. With specials like 'Honey I Burnt the Kids' (burnt vanilla gelato with smoked dark chocolate fudge, burnt honey mousse and caramelised popcorn) and The mighty 'GM Pie' (peanut butter gelato with chocolate crust, chocolate custard, banana jam and peanut cream cheese whip) it’s easy to understand the hype. The staff were friendly and helpful and the decor was comforting. The displays of cakes that seemed to defy physics intrigued and amazed me and the gelato itself was delicious. They seem to cater for every kind of ice-cream craving, from chocolate-packed sweet tooth satisfiers through to lighter, fruity flavours.

Overall, Gelato Messina was definitely worth facing the cold wind and lactose-induced stomach aches.